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Heidi Brightman



  • AS Paralegal studies, 2004, North Hennepin Community College


  • April 2024 – Present: Paralegal at Mountain States Injury Law


Heidi is a dedicated personal injury paralegal with a passion for justice and a keen eye for detail. Based in the rugged beauty of Alaska, she brings a unique perspective to her work, drawing inspiration from the wild landscapes that surround her.

When she's not busy advocating for her clients, Heidi can often be found casting her line into the pristine waters of the Kenai River, or one of the over two million lakes in Alaska or the Gulf of Alaska, where she indulges her love of fishing. As an outdoorswoman, she also enjoys the thrill of hunting for moose in the Alaskan wilderness, relishing the challenge of the hunt and the satisfaction of providing for herself and her three furry four-legged children.

In her downtime, Heidi enjoys tending to her greenhouse, cultivating a variety of plants and vegetables that thrive in Alaska's challenging climate. She finds solace in the quiet rhythm of gardening, and takes pride in the fruits of her labor.

Heidi is also a hiker, constantly seeking out new trails to explore in the vast expanse of the Alaska wilderness. Heidi has a particular fondness for the seasonal rituals of hunting and foraging, activities that allow her to sustainably engage with the land and its resources. Whether she's seeking out wild game or harvesting berries from the forest, she approaches these endeavors with a deep respect for the natural world and a commitment to ethical practices.

In her younger days, Heidi was an enthusiastic motorcyclist logging over 100,000 miles on the open road on her trusty bike. Though she may have traded in her motorcycle for other pursuits, she spent her days exploring the east, west and everything in between, soaking in the natural splendor of the beautiful scenic byways our country has to offer.

Having previously lived in Colorado and Montana, Heidi has a deep appreciation for the beauty of the American West. She spent her days exploring the rugged mountains and vast plains, while soaking in the natural splendor of these breathtaking landscapes.

With over 10 years of dedicated service in the field, Heidi brings a wealth of experience to her role as a personal injury paralegal. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills and expertise, navigating complex legal matters with precision and diligence. Her depth of knowledge and seasoned insight allow her to anticipate challenges and provide effective solutions for her clients. Whether she's drafting persuasive arguments or advocating tirelessly on behalf of those she represents, Heidi's extensive experience is evident in every aspect of her work. Her commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to achieving justice for her clients have earned her the respect and admiration of colleagues and clients alike.

Heidi brings a wealth of experience to her role as a paralegal in the Army Reserves. Her military service instilled in her a strong sense of discipline, integrity, and dedication, qualities that she brings to her work each day.

Driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference, Heidi approaches each day with determination and enthusiasm, ready to take on whatever challenges come her way.

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