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Every car accident is unique, which is why you need an adept analysis of your case to prove that you’re not at fault. Boulder car accident attorneys are trained professionals who have experience managing car accident cases. Even if you are unsure whether you are totally or partially at fault, your car accident lawyer can clarify the circumstances for you. Learn how much you should receive in compensation for your car accident claim from a proven personal injury attorney. To find out more about your auto accident damages and how to recover compensation, speak to a personal injury law firm today. Call Mountain States Injury Law LLC for a free consultation.

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Do all car accident cases go to trial?

In most cases, Boulder car accident lawyers will attempt to settle your case initially. This is because car accident attorneys know that seeking a settlement makes the auto accident claim process much simpler. When you initiate a settlement, your motor vehicle accident lawyer only interacts with the other party, their insurance company, and in some cases, eyewitnesses. However, if you file a lawsuit, you enter into a multi-step process that lengthens the time it takes for you to recover compensation.

A lawsuit will involve the court, judge or jury, and additional professionals, for example, expert witnesses. The judge and jury must review and process your case after additional investigations. It may require an extra year for you to receive a settlement after the judge and jury finally come to a verdict. The other party will prefer a settlement because if they lose the court case, they may have to pay additional court fees and possibly more in compensation.

Young Woman Calling With Her Car Crashed In Background Should I get medical attention after a car accident?

After your auto accident, it is important to receive medical attention. Your car accident injuries may not seem serious at the time, but you may have soft tissue wounds that don’t manifest until much later. It is a good idea to get a checkup from the doctor immediately after your car crash so that you have documented proof that your injuries were directly caused by the personal injury accident. Medical bills can be important when your Boulder car accident lawyer calculates your settlement.

How to find a good Boulder car accident attorney?

It can take a bit of time for you to find the right car accident attorney for your car accident case. Here are the qualities you should look for in a Boulder car accident lawyer:

Communicative and Organized

Your attorney should be communicative, keeping you up to date on the latest responses from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. They shouldn’t fall behind on your settlement claim and should keep in touch with the other party to keep the negotiation process moving. If the attorney isn’t attentive to your case, this can slow down the entire process and prevent you from receiving your compensation when you need it most.

A Proven Track Record

Personal injury attorneys should have a proven track record of helping their clients obtain maximum compensation after car accidents. They must be able to deliver excellent services in Boulder, Colorado using their knowledge and experience. You don’t want to work with a law firm that has a history of failed settlement claims because this can be a major waste of time. Especially because you only have a three-year limit according to the Boulder, CO statute of limitations.

Car Accident Experience

When there are multiple parties involved in a car accident, you will want someone with years of experience to help. To obtain fair compensation, an attorney has to be knowledgeable in car accident cases. Someone inexperienced may make mistakes or overlook important aspects of your car accident claim that prevents you from receiving the compensation you deserve. While an attorney may have had a proven track record of success in medical malpractice, they may not have the same level of achievement in car accidents. Ask your potential attorney about the type of car accident cases they’ve handled.

Attentive to Your Needs

Once you’ve been injured, you’ll be struggling to recover and may be dealing with personal and financial problems. Your attorney should be attentive to your needs and have many resources to help you during this difficult time. They should also be able to provide plenty of advice and answer any inquiries that you have. Additionally, a busy car accident attorney may not be fully focused on your case details, making them more error-prone and less likely to win your case.

Should I accept an offer from the insurance company?

Let your lawyer manage all communication with the other party and their insurance company so that you receive full and fair compensation. This is because the other party’s insurance provider may try to undercut you on the full settlement amount that you are owed. They often leave out important damages from your insurance claim. Often, the amount of money they offer is never enough to fully compensate you for severe injuries. They may also ask for a recorded statement from you, which is always a bad idea. Your statement can be used to reduce the amount of compensation you should receive. Allow your attorney to seek compensation for you so that you aren’t deceived by the other party’s insurer.

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What damages can I claim in my personal injury case?

After a free initial consultation, your attorney will help you file your legal claim and investigate all of your damages on a contingency basis. Your economic and non-economic damages will be included in your total settlement based on many factors. These are some of the damages you can claim:

Medical Expenses

After you’ve received medical treatment, you may have to pay many out of pocket fees for healthcare. For example, brain injuries such as a concussion require an imaging scan, several doctor appointments, medical tests, prescription medicine, and much more. For serious injuries that result in you being temporarily immobilized, you may have to undergo physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, massage therapy, and other treatments. Your attorney can include all of the medical expenses caused by your car accident in your settlement amount and also estimate future medical costs you may have to cover as well.

Lost Income

Because of your injuries, you may be unable to work full time. You may have suffered an injury that disables you temporarily, limiting your ability to perform work tasks. When you experience this, you can struggle financially because you aren’t receiving the full amount of income you’re used to. The financial deficit that lost wages create while you are recovering from your injuries can also be compensated for. Your attorney can calculate your past and future lost income based on how much you are normally paid.

Pain and Suffering

Any emotional trauma you suffered because of your car accident damages can also be included in your settlement. Your attorney will work with an insurance adjuster to estimate your pain and suffering. This includes feelings such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, embarrassment, shame, and other negative emotions.

Wrongful Death Damages

If a loved one died because of the other driver’s negligence, then you can file a wrongful death claim if you are an eligible surviving family member or listed on their will. You can claim additional damages, such as lost earning capacity, loss of consortium, funeral bills and fees, and many other losses. Speak to your Boulder attorney to find out what additional damages you can seek as the survivor of a wrongful death victim.

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Write down all of your questions and concerns, then let your attorney know exactly what you’ve been experiencing after your car accident. A dedicated attorney will investigate your case and let you know how much you may be owed in compensation. Learn about the legal processes from a reliable law firm. Contact Mountain States Injury Law LLC for a free initial consultation to get started.