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Aggressive Driving

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) describes aggressive driving as an individual committing a combination of moving traffic offenses to engager other individuals or property. Aggressive driving, or road rage, can put other drivers in harm for various reasons. Frequently, the driver is either late, must arrive somewhere fast, is drunk, or suffers from an emotional strain. While none of these reasons are acceptable, unfortunately, it’s all too common in the United States.

If an aggressive driver has caused you injuries in a car accident, you might be entitled to seek compensation for your medical expenses, car damage, pain and suffering, or other losses. Call the Mountain States Injury Law, LLC team for a free consultation to review your legal option after you were injured due to someone else’s negligent and reckless behavior. Our personal injury lawyers can pursue damages on your behalf and fight for the maximum compensation available in your case. Because our team works on a contingency fee basis, you won’t owe us anything unless we win a settlement award.

Person Yelling While Driving Aggressive Driving Statistics

Road rage can include any type of driving behavior that puts other drivers in danger, including speeding, failure to obey traffic signals or to follow traffic laws, cutting off drivers, changing lanes without signaling, or weaving through traffic. Aggressive drivers represent a danger to anyone near them while on the road. This brings us to the most recent road rage statistics:

  1. Aggressive driving is the cause of 56% of fatal car accidents in the United States, with more than half being linked to speeding, tailgating, or illegal maneuvers.
  2. Half of the drivers tend to respond to aggressive driving with more aggressive driving. The most common responses include rude gestures, light flashing, horn honking, short braking, tailgating, and bumping the other vehicle.
  3. 26.5% of drivers listen to music or podcasts to calm themselves down after getting angry while driving.
  4. 131 people were shot and killed due to road rage in 2021.
  5. 4% of drivers have gotten out of their cars to confront another driver.
  6. 8 out of 10 Americans experience road rage, aggression, or considerable anger at least once a month.
  7. Six million Americans, or 3% of drivers in the United States, admit to hitting another car on purpose due to an act of rage.
  8. In 2016, one death a day was attributed to aggressive driving.
  9. Aggressive driving fatalities increased by 500% in the last ten years and are still rising.

It’s never easy to cope with the aftermath of a car accident, regardless of the causes. This is why having a personal injury lawyer on your side can ease some of your stress and let you focus on your recovery. If you have suffered severe injuries or lost someone dear in an aggressive driving accident, Mountain States Injury Law, LLC lawyers are here to help you out and fight for the compensation that you truly deserve. Contact us without hesitation and learn more!

Legal Options Following an Aggressive Driving Accident

Aggressive driving and speeding are too common in Montana, Colorado, and Idaho. Car accidents that result from aggressive driving can cause severe, catastrophic injuries or even death. If you have been injured in an aggressive driving accident, you might be eligible to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. Some damages include medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, property damage, pain and suffering, scarring, disfigurement, loss of consortium, or punitive damages.

Filing a car accident claim can hold the aggressive driver responsible and compel them to pay you for any losses you have suffered in the car crash. You will not only recover your financial losses but also help make the road safer for everyone else by holding the at-fault driver accountable for their actions. To increase the chances of a favorable outcome, you should seek legal help from a car accident lawyer. Here at Mountain States Injury Law, LLC, we can help you identify the losses and damages you need to be compensated for and file a car accident claim on your behalf.

Under state law, you have three years to file your claim from the car crash date. While this may seem like enough time, these accidents can take significant effort due to their complexity. If possible, contact a lawyer as soon as possible to run an in-depth investigation, review evidence, and negotiate a potential settlement with the insurance companies. Reach us to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation and start the recovery process after your aggressive driving-related accident. Moreover, you won’t owe our team anything unless we can earn you a fair settlement.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

To receive financial compensation for your injuries caused by an aggressive driver involved by proving their traffic violation and that they were responsible for the accident. You deserve to receive justice if a reckless or aggressive driver has got you injured. The legal team of Mountain States Injury Law, LLC is here to help you while letting you focus on healing and recovery. Besides collecting evidence, we will help you identify the financial losses and property damages you may be able to obtain compensation for, manage communication with all parties involved, and file a claim on your behalf.

After a car accident, all you want is to get back on your feet, which means getting well and paid. Being involved in a car crash doesn’t mean that you’re alone. We understand how overwhelming car accidents can be. Additionally, it’s challenging when insurance companies give you the run-around to minimize the effects of your accident and injuries. That’s why you should have a car accident lawyer on your side to lift the burden of the process and maximize your compensation. The Colorado, Montana, and Idaho personal injury lawyers specializing in car accidents at Mountain States Injury Law, LLC are ready to assist you anytime. Call us today at 888-299-4312 or contact us online to talk with a car accident lawyer. While you rest and heal, our personal injury lawyers will fight for your rights to the end!

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