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Casares Law is Now Mountain States Injury Law: What Inspired the Change

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Effective immediately, Casares Law is now Mountain States Injury Law. The name change comes after the decision by founding attorney Dale Casares to position Mountain States Injury Law as a multi-state law firm.

With a deep commitment to helping car and motorcycle accidents win fair settlements, Casares wants to broaden her target base to accident victims throughout the U.S. mountainous region.

Why the Name Change?

Through Casares Law, Dale Casares has served several clients in Castle Rock, Colorado since 2020. For a few years now, Casares has been licensed to take cases in Colorado, Montana, and Idaho.

She has used her vivid experiences in practicing law in these states to learn about the unique differences accident victims face throughout.

In doing so, Casares has positioned herself as an advocate in litigation and legislation for motorcycle and car accident victims across these three states.

The name change reflects Casares’ new target market and her devotion to accident victims in the regions she cares about.

What’s New?

The new name change reflects Casares’ new mission for her firm. The mission of Mountain States Injury Law is to make broader changes in accident victim advocacy than only one case at a time.

While providing top-notch care to clients is still a top priority, the firm has now shifted its focus to observing the advantages and drawbacks of state legislatures concerning accident victims.

For example, there is current legislation in Idaho concerning uninsured motorist coverage (UIM). This is a form of insurance coverage that protects you if your vehicle is hit by a driver without insurance. Under this legislation, victims can take the offset of the fault liability in the aftermath of an on-road collision.

Essentially, the only thing that has changed for this firm is its name. Mountain States Injury Law will continue to work with citizens, such as Colorado, Idaho, and Montana in providing compassionate and outstanding legal service.

About Mountain States Injury Law

Mountain States Injury Law, formerly known as Casares Law, has been providing remarkable accident injury legal aid since 2020. They specialize mainly in car and motorcycle accidents.

Their goal is to help accident victims recover just compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages, medical and rehab costs, and debilitating injuries. Mountain States Injury Law is led by founding attorney Dale Casares.

Casares brings a unique mix of experience and compassion to her daily work. She spent six years as an injury operations manager at Progressive Insurance. Working directly with a major insurance company has given her a unique perspective on how these companies deal with accident victims.

In particular, she fully understands the intricate insurance claims process. This knowledge is a catalyst in assisting her clients in getting the highest possible settlement amount.

As a result, Casares has built a successful firm helping her clients level the playing field against powerful insurance companies.

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If you have been involved in a car or motorcycle accident, the time is ticking. You may be wondering how much your case is worth.

You may be up to your neck in medical and rehabilitation costs, as well as lost wages, and are struggling to keep up. You may be thinking about the chances of your insurance company giving you the short end of the stick on a settlement offer.

Whatever your situation is, contacting an accident attorney is your best option. The professionals at Mountain States Injury Law are here to help you cover fair compensation for your accident.

If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, give us a call at 888-617-5804 or click here to schedule a free consultation.

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