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Client Testimonials

5.0 star rating based on 69 reviews by former clients

Dale did such a marvelous job

Not too soon [after the accident], I was talking to a friend of mine and she recommended that I call Dale. We hit it off and I definitely don’t regret using her because she did such a marvelous job on the whole thing.

She took care of everything. She was handling insurance and I would call her or she would call me, and update me [on the situation]. It was a really easy process. My experience with them was an awesome deal. I would definitely recommend Mountain States Injury Law.

- Jim Reed

Dale handled everything so I was able to recover

I realized I wasn’t going to be able to deal with all the paperwork, telephone conversations, and all of the logistics of everything by myself, so I reached out to Mountain States Injury Law.

The process was pretty basic, I just made a phone call and Dale called me back. She handled all of the stuff I didn’t want to deal with, so I was able to recover and do my thing. All the phone calls and work and insurance and all that stuff was really overwhelming to me because I’m a ranchman, I don’t deal with that sort of stuff. My medical stuff was all taken care of, and I was able to survive for the year that I was off work. I was able to pay the doctor’s bills and recover. I would absolutely recommend Mountain States Injury Law to anyone who is in a situation like mine.

- Mike Stotts

I would highly recommend Dale to anyone!

After I had gotten into my car accident, I was hopeful that after a few weeks of physical therapy I would be able to get my life back to normal. After many weeks of treatment and no progress I was referred to a neurosurgeon where I was informed my injuries would be life long.

I was extremely hesitant to seek out representation but Dale came highly recommended so I gave her a call. From my first conversation with Dale she helped put me at ease. She was informative and there was no pressure. I can say now that I am so happy I decided not only get an attorney but specifically that I was able to work with Dale and Tia. Dale was extremely honest, communicative, and helpful. I had so many questions throughout the duration of my case and she was always kind and patient.

I would highly recommend Dale to anyone!

- Aimee

She touched my life

My experience with Dale Casares was phenomenal. She handled my disability case. It was short notice as my previous lawyer had left the case and Dale had a pressing timeline to meet. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous, bordering on plain scared about the whole thing.

It’s very delicate, a disability case, and not because of the paperwork through that was intense, but having to expose yourself so deeply to a person so they really see you and what you really go through just to log roll out of bed each day. Dale was so open and warm that she made me comfortable with opening up to her so I could tell her my life and then let her tell my story. I’m tearing up writing this, months later still (I’ve done them an injustice taking this long to write my review!) So not only did she win my case, important to note that, she touched my life.

- Jessica

Dale… THANK YOU so much for the referrals and personal attention you gave to me and my family.

I was involved in a rear-end collision in November 2018. The next morning, I knew something wasn’t right when I had difficulty driving to work. It was unfortunately my 4th concussion. After 6 months of continuing symptoms, I choose to retain Dale and her team.

She immediately provided me with two medical providers who specialized in treating concussions. After only a few visits, I started to see benefits. After a few months, I was released and consider myself fully recovered. The stress and strain that my concussion put on my family was unbelievable. I was irritable, had mood swings, and had to focus on easy day-to-day tasks.

Dale… THANK YOU so much for the referrals and personal attention you gave to me and my family.

- John

The best paralegal I have ever worked with

This firm is absolutely amazing. I put my trust and faith & was not disappointed what so ever. Diana is one of the paralegals & the best paralegal I have ever worked with. Her communication with me is always 100% weather it’s a phone call or email.

I am always able to reach her with questions and concerns I had about my case. She is extremely knowledgeable with personal injury & always went over and beyond for me to make sure I was taken care. Unlike other paralegals who just treat you like another face walking through the front door, I felt like family like she truly cared about me as a person needing help. If you want someone who genuinely cares and is there for you until the end Diana is the person to go to. I promise you you will not be disappointed with your results.

- Braney

She will go to bat for you!

Kristyn is an extremely hard worker, and dedicated to providing clients with the best service she can possible give. She is passionate about helping the client and will go the extra mile for the client every time. Kristyn is incredibly intelligent, and knowledgeable about the claims process.

- Cj Carlyle

Dale and Shantel were absolutely amazing.

Very communicative and patient with a not so good situation. They let us know every step of the way what was going on and it took a lot of stress away. I highly recommend!

- Kristen Manzanares

Dale put me at ease since the very first call

I can’t even put into words how to express how greatful I am about Dale and her team. Dale put me at ease since the very first call, and continues as we proceed forward. Ashley has been literally at my finger tips if I’ve had any questions or concerns along the way so far. They ALL have gone over and above mine and my families expectations. An outstanding team to have in your corner.

- Shawn Tyrolt

Ashley is amazing to work with.

She takes all of my calls and helps calm me down when I’m stressing. She is always on top of my case and she always calls as soon as she has any updates. Ashley helps make this stressful situation a lot easier and she’s always kind, funny, and empathetic. Thank you for all you do Ashley!

- Krystin Emert