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“Dale is knowledgeable in her craft, caring about her clients, and a great negotiator. Dale’s knowledge about insurance companies helped to make good decisions and arrive to a satisfactory settlement. Dale communicated with me on a regular basis and advised me of the progress and obstacles of the case. She negotiated a settlement 4 1/2 times more than the amount suggested to me by another attorney. Working with Dale was like having a member of my family representing me.” Ciro

“Dale was very knowledgeable and kept us informed of the progress of our case. She and Tia communicated so well, explaining things to us in terms we understood, making the entire process less intimidating. I would highly recommend Dale and her team.” — Jolene

“After I had gotten into my car accident, I was hopeful that after a few weeks of physical therapy I would be able to get my life back to normal. After many weeks of treatment and no progress I was referred to a neurosurgeon where I was informed my injuries would be life long. I was extremely hesitant to seek out representation but Dale came highly recommended so I gave her a call. From my first conversation with Dale she helped put me at ease. She was informative and there was no pressure. I can say now that I am so happy I decided not only get an attorney but specifically that I was able to work with Dale and Tia. Dale was extremely honest, communicative, and helpful. I had so many questions throughout the duration of my case and she was always kind and patient. I would highly recommend Dale to anyone!” — Aimee

“When I needed help Dale was there every step of the way. She is very good with communicating and very patient (she needed to be with me as I have some memory issues). Dale always went the extra mile for me. I was amazed at how hard she works and my past experiences with lawyers are now put to shame by this wonderful woman. I can’t say enough about what this wonderful person has done.” — Geoff

“My family was traveling for a weekend vacation leaving Colorado when traffic came to a quick stop on the expressway. I stopped but person behind us wasn’t paying attention and hit us at 75mph. After many trips to therapy with a soft tissue injury I asked if they could recommend an attorney and this is how I met Dale. From the beginning she earned our trust and really cared about our traumatic experience. I am a professional in a very large corporate environment and admit I’m not easily impressed. The results with our settlements surpassed our expectations and this was due to Dale’s knowledge of Colorado law, contacts for areas such as diminished car value experts and superb negotiation skills. I have never taken the time to write a review for anything on the internet, but in this case I am honored too. Hopefully my family will never be in this situation again, but if we are ever injured in an accident Dale will represent us without question. You will be making a wise choice selecting Dale Casares if you have been injured in an accident.”— Steve

“My experience with Dale Casares was phenomenal. She handled my disability case. It was short notice as my previous lawyer had left the case and Dale had a pressing timeline to meet. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous, bordering on plain scared about the whole thing. It’s very delicate, a disability case, and not because of the paperwork through that was intense, but having to expose yourself so deeply to a person so they really see you and what you really go through just to log roll out of bed each day. Dale was so open and warm that she made me comfortable with opening up to her so I could tell her my life and then let her tell my story. I’m tearing up writing this, months later still (I’ve done them an injustice taking this long to write my review!) So not only did she win my case, important to note that, she touched my life.”—Jessica

“I was involved in a rear-end collision in November 2018. The next morning, I knew something wasn’t right when I had difficulty driving to work. It was unfortunately my 4th concussion. After 6 months of continuing symptoms, I choose to retain Dale and her team. She immediately provided me with two medical providers who specialized in treating concussions. After only a few visits, I started to see benefits. After a few months, I was released and consider myself fully recovered. The stress and strain that my concussion put on my family was unbelievable. I was irritable, had mood swings, and had to focus on easy day-to-day tasks. Dale… THANK YOU so much for the referrals and personal attention you gave to me and my family.”— John

“I cannot thank you enough for standing up for the little gal, your kindness and professionalism was a bright light during a dark and trying time in my life. Without all your help I would have been in a much more precarious situation. I was lucky to find you when I did. My heartfelt gratitude for all your advice and the time and effort you put into my case. I always felt as a priority client, knowing very well that you had many other clients you were working with, now that’s real talent. And of course, thank you for negotiating a settlement out of court, what relief to have that done. Your care and compassion you showed throughout this entire process was heads and shoulders above the rest and you did such a great job at calming my fears of the, “what If’s”. I never felt hopeless throughout the entire process. You are an exquisite Lawyer!”— Sheila

“Dale was an amazing advocate, lawyer and negotiator in my case. I had been trying to go through the process on my own, but I was getting truly discouraged. As soon as Dale got on my case everything became less overwhelming. She is incredibly thorough, compassionate and will keep you updated on the status of your case throughout. She always responded to my emails and phone calls promptly and explained/simplified things so that I could understand everything that was happening. I would definitely recommend her as an attorney and I know she will work hard to help you as well.”— Katherine

“I was in a car crash when I was t-boned by a young lady running a red light. My car was totaled. I was injured and in pain. Shortly after, her insurance company was already trying to limit how much they were willing to pay and became difficult to work with. I had never been hit by someone before, so I was unsure of each step that I needed to take, and I needed help. Thankfully, I got Dale involved early enough that I did not harm my case. Dale, who at one time was an adjuster for the insurance company, used her insider knowledge to get the maximum compensation out of the insurance company. I did not have to talk to the insurance company any longer, which was a relief. Throughout the process, Dale provided guidance and was easy to get a hold of and worked one-on-one with me unlike some of the bigger firms. I recommend Dale Casares to you enthusiastically and unreservedly.”— Angel

“Dale Casares is an incredible attorney and human being. Ever since I met her, a year ago she has been willing to fight for me and support me. Dale excels at listening, understanding and using her knowledge and skills to help people. Dale is a compassionate attorney who can put herself in the shoes of those who need her. If you have been the victim of negligence and need an incredible attorney by your side, look no further…. Dale Casares is the best personal injury attorney I have met!”—Angela, review from Google

“Dale is an amazing lawyer who genuinely cares about her clients and helping them through some of the most difficult situations. She is knowledgeable in her field and responds very quickly to emails and texts. If you want a brilliant lawyer that will care for you and your family, Dale Casares is your woman!”—Luma, review from Google

“Dale Caesars has truly been amazing! I would recommend anyone to her that is looking for a great Attorney! Wonderful experience! She truly cares about her clients and will fight for what you deserve! Thank you Dale!”—Jolene, review from Google

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