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Client Testimonials

5.0 star rating based on 69 reviews by former clients

Absolutely Amazing

Dale and her team at Robinson & Henry are amazing! I was involved in a rear-end collision in November of 2018. The next morning in knew something wasn’t right when I had difficulty driving to work. It unfortunately was my 4th concussion. After 6 months of continuing symptoms I choose to retain Dale and her team.

Immediately Dale provided me with 2 resources: High Definition Physical Therapy and Atlas Brain and Spine. After only a couple of visits with Dan at High Definition I started to see the benefits. My headaches, dizziness, and nausea started to diminish. I met with Brittany at Atlas Brain and Spine. She performed a number of X-rays and it was determined that the Atlas in my neck was not setting correctly and it was causing the discomfort in neck and shoulders. It was also contributing to my headaches. Brittany and Dan worked in conjunction to develop a treatment plan that would best work for my concussion and it was amazing! After months of treatment I was released and now only need to follow up as needed. The difference is incredible! The stress and strain that my concussion put on my family was unbelievable. I was irritable, had mood swings, and had to focus on easy day to day tasks. Dale…..THANK YOU so much for your referrals and personal attention you gave to me and my family.

- John

A True Professional.

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Dale directly. I would like to say what a refreshing experience to actually have someone that listened to my concerns and issues. Dale’s commitment to address my situation and prompt response was amazing. In closing, I would highly recommend her service if needed. What a true professional.

- Craig Lasenbery, Lakewood, CO